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January 15, 2022


mytabu recommend the use of P2P Payment solutions to allow for instant, secure payment methods to sell and purchase content available on the platform. However, there are also a variety of alternative options through which payments can be made on mytabu, such as Direct Deposit (bank account), Transfer Wise, Debit or Credit Card.

In addition, mytabu do not charge any fees in order for a Creator to start earning a passive income with our platform and will earn 100% commissions from all sales made. On top of that, the site do not charge Fans a subscription Fee. If there is a subscription Fee upon a Creators profile, this is at the Creators choice and within their options for viewing their content.

What is P2P payment?

Person to Person (P2P) Payment is a convenient way to send or receive money between two people without involving a financial institution.

Payments made using a P2P service are different to payments made through credit cards. Instead of each person paying the other person directly, the payment is made from the bank account of the Fan paying to the Creator, through an online or mobile app.

When a Fan makes a payment using a P2P service, there are no processing fees associated with the transaction, which is normally cheaper than using a Credit or Debit card. The transaction is considered to be “complete” once both the Creator and the Fan have signed off on the payment. Most apps check that the details which have been inputted are a “Match” before proceeding with the payment. As a Fan you can also get confirmation of a successful payment.

For most Fans the preferred payment method is a Pay App.

Why are people paying through Pay Apps?

For a few years now, many online users have begun to see the advantages of Pay Apps and why it should be the best option for payment for both Fans and Creators.

Generally, Fans prefer the ease and speed with which they can purchase a Creator’s PPV content. Fans can also use the apps to pay for direct messaging, tips, subscriptions, merchandise and other more personal services.

Creators also see the advantages of Pay Apps as there are fewer restrictions, as some alternative payment methods only allow Fans to pay for Creators’ merchandise and no other type of purchase.

Who is responsible for the Payment?

There are generally no fees associated with P2P payments, which is another incentive for consumers to use the P2P Apps as a form of payment. Creators are never responsible for the payment once it has gone through to their account. For more information on this, or any possible questions you may have, please check out our FAQ’s.

What are the best payment services on the market?

  • Zelle
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal®
  • Venmo
  • Cash App

Most of these pay-platforms are simple to use and involve merely entering your bank account and selecting which payee you wish to send funds to.

Apple Pay and Google Pay allow your bank account and credit card details to be linked to your Smartphone. When you choose a payment option on your phone it will send the transaction request to the payee's payment provider and the system will then ensure that the money is sent.

Venmo is a mobile P2P Payment app with a user-friendly interface, allowing instant P2P transactions.

If you live within the USA and are on a budget then we'd recommend Zelle. With the Zelle App, you can send money to anyone within the U.S.

Cash App is a money transfer app that offers you complete flexibility. You can send funds instantly via bank transfers, cash, bank drafts. Cash App makes sending or receiving money simple.

PayPal is a great option for purchasing PPV.  PayPal has an extremely intuitive website that enables you to set up your account in just minutes. Just click on the blue “Sign in” button on the upper right corner of the screen. Or to apply for a PayPal Account, select the free of charge PayPal account if you have already one.

How to use a Pay App as a Fan

Once you have downloaded a suitable pay-ready app to your phone, select a pay-ready Creator that you want to pay. Generally, if both users have the same app then funds are typically transferred instantly.

Having pay-ready Payment Methods and Fan Accounts enables us to offer a payment model that is just like traditional retail, but the Creators receives 100% from their sales.

Creating and Selling Content

Hopefully this has answered a number of questions we have received regarding tipping and how to sell PPV content, merchandise and personal services on the site.

The most effective way to sell your PPV content on the platform is through the messaging feature, as you can post media to an individual or multiple users. You can upload pictures and videos from your mobile device by clicking the arrow icon in the text box.

If your Fans prefer to have a more personal service and view your explicit content, then you can set your account to “Private” which could enable you to charge a membership fee. This is a great option if you have a large Fan base and your followers are searching for you to subscribe.

When you receive a follow request from a Fan, send them a Direct Message instructing them that if they want continued access, they can pay the fee, along with a customized menu of what you offer. Then the content posted to "Fans" can only be viewed by those who have paid the fee.

“Free” posts are public so that all users can see what you have to offer before deciding whether they want to pay for your more explicit content.

To set your account to private go to: Profile>Edit Profile>Account Settings>Set account as private

If you haven’t decided to sell your PPV content or charge a membership fee and you’re not yet comfortable in doing so, you probably aren’t ready to take it to the next level. Understand what you’re going to offer to your Fans before you start promoting your PPV content.

Once your Fans are happy with your service and begin paying for it, move on to the next phase, which would be an elaborate course of action. Once you’re prepared to go public with your PPV content, you can promote your chargeable menu of additional custom services and offer deals, contests and giveaways to boost engagement and increase tips, whilst attracting new customers. Additionally, you can also offer promotions and discounts to loyal Fans who are regularly purchasing your PPV content or paying memberships fees.

Once your Fans agree that your PPV’s content is good, then it’s time to become more creative and show them what you can do.

For any more help, or if you feel something hasn’t been covered or you don’t get an answer to your question from this blog, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

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