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December 27, 2021

Hello and welcome to mytabu!

We hope you enjoy your experience here as much as we enjoyed creating the platform for your use. As this is the very beginning of our journey together, we hope you bear with us for the first few weeks as we are ironing out any possible problems during this phase. If you encounter any ongoing issues, please contact one of our team and identify what your problem is so that we can resolve it promptly. We are available around-the-clock to interact with members and listen to your feedback.

We value all feedback based on how you’re finding the platform and we are happy to take onboard any new ideas you may have on how we can improve any areas of the site. All of your ideas are welcome and anything we do use and put into production will be rewarded monetarily.

Lastly, all members who are actively using the platform by 28th February 2022 will be automatically added to our prize draw, where one lucky Fan and Creator will each win a $500.00 cash prize.

For the Creators

We hope you can take advantage of the opportunity to use your Venmo/PayPal or P2P accounts and earn 100% commissions on PPV purchases from your Fans and followers.

As we are trying to create a community and encourage everyone to use the site in a non-judgemental environment, we would like to request that you only publish explicit content to your Fans and for PPV purchases only. This way, when you post Free content, anyone visiting or browsing the site will not be exposed to extreme sexual material.

We do use moderators on the site and if it's absolutely necessary, content will be removed. However, unlike other social media sites where you can be banned for posting content of this nature, don’t worry, you won't be banned here.

Please be advised that during your first attempt to publish content, you will be required to read and sign a one-off Consent Form that legally allows mytabu to use your videos and images published onto the site. You can opt out of this at any given time, but failure to sign will mean that you will not be able to post content. Please keep an eye on your emails, you should receive an email from mytabu regarding the Consent Form and an email from our third-party company, YOTI Sign, which again will guide you on how to sign the Consent Form. The process is very quick and simple.

For the Fans

You can follow and favourite your preferred Creators and take full advantage of all the new and exciting features offered free of charge. There are multiple ways to find and search for your preferred Creators and please use the preference feature during sign-up so that your favourites show up first on your discover page. You can change your selections at any stage by using the filter icon or through your personal profile. When you follow a Creator, you will receive a notification when they publish new content and their posts will automatically be published onto your newsfeed!

For everyone

We highly recommend using the 2 factor authentication in the settings page to make sure your email is secure at all times. Within your profile you are also able to personalise your experience and manage your settings. This way you can maintain your privacy and prevent unwanted messages. Please ensure you have read our policy on prohibited content.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your experience on mytabu and we can’t wait to discover your tabu.


Team mytabu x

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